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"You can trust Calloway. They know exactly what needs to be done and they're going to walk you through it. Thank you."


Janet & Rafael Caballero

Roofing Testimonials  

Hear what homeowners all over Florida are saying about our services.

Mivian Schiavone


“I commend your company and your services very highly. You’re very professional. That gives me as a costumer the confidence that you’ll do the best for me and for anyone that comes to you. ”

Kissimmee, FL

Greg Cocoa


“I’ve never seen anything explained quite like Calloway explains it. They are by far the best.”

Rockledge, FL

Justin and Jackie Goodchild


“Hail and wind storm damage deductibles come down to understanding what you’re legally entitled to and having the proper information. Calloway is our roofing company for live. We’re more than happy with Calloway.”

Deltona, FL

Virginia Brown


“Calloway performed a very detailed inspection and too a multitude of photos. They showed me the difference between what some companies use and what the housing code requieres. ”

Rockledge, FL

Claudette Bodnar


“I was a little hesitant, but you put everything out there in clean simple lines.  Upfront. Nothing buried in small print somewhere. I would tell other homeowners: Don’t hesitate, Calloway is the way to go.”

Melbourne, FL

Pam Derfuss


“You can with Calloway and I was so impressed with the information that you had. It has been nothing but a pleasure. Don’t just sign with anybody.”

Rockledge, FL

Joanne Wisner


“Don’t ever doubt if you go with Calloway. We did the right thing when we signed with them. They took care of all of our concerns.”

Melbourne, FL

Maribel Cruz


“When I have a fence problem, I’ll call the fence company, and when I have a roofing problem, I’ll go to a roofing company.”


Teresa and Gus


“We’re extremely happy with Calloway!

It’s important to look at the fine print and details. We’ve learned a lot, and Calloway made it right. If it wasn’t for Calloway we wouldn’t have been able to do it. Calloway all the way”

Orlando, FL

Calloway Roofing

Your local licensed roofing and building contractor serving Orlando and all of Central Florida.

Quality, workmanship, attention to detail and outstanding costumer service sets up apart from the competition. 

Not sure if your home has suffered storm damage? Schedule a Calloway Roof Inspector today.


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