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Winter Garden FL

Where Good Things Grow

Winter Garden is a small city with a population of 43,536 +/- people. It is home to Several Golf courses, Country clubs, Theaters, Museums and unique restaurants. It is an amazing area of entertainment, outdoor recreation, and has very strong job growth. It is also home to the award winning West Orange Trail. Winter Garden also happens to a be a popular film destination. This small green city gives movies an amazing backdrop and perfect movie-like small town feel.

A happy Community

The Winter Garden Community comes together every Saturday morning to hold their Winter Garden Farmers Market. Local businesses and residents come together to support each other in a never ending cycle. The residents also support the local art and history. along with a program for local businesses they also have a “art in Public Places” program. This offers art exhibits throughout the year in City Hall. This gives local artists an opportunity to display their art at least once a year. Along with it being an ideal place to live, the people of this happy community add on to the list of reasons why to enjoy Winter Garden.

Real-State In Winter Garden FL

The current list price is $439,900+/- with currently 346 homes listed according to Re-Max. 

“Winter Garden, known for its old Florida style and charm, making it a great place to live in Central Florida…If you are looking for the small town feel this “suburb” of Orlando is a great place to start your home search!”


Greenhouse Winter Garden FL

Winter Garden FL cherishes the arts, nature, and their history. The city takes good care of the community and takes great pride in being an area where people and businesses have the opportunity to grow and flourish. Many of their events and programs are dedicated to teaching and showing Art and helping very small businesses, artists, and some of their own history be known. They are a very “greenhouse” city, and the families that call Winter Garden their home appreciate it.

Roofing Contractor Winter Garden Fl Service Near Me

Roofing Contractor Altamonte Springs FL Near Me

Altamonte Springs contractors and construction services may be available by a few contractors with offices right in the city, such as:

  • West Orange Roofing, Inc.
  • Stratus Roofing
  • APC Roofing, LLC
  • Namar Roofing
  • ANC Roofing, Inc.

Winter Garden FL Roof Inspectors Near Me

As homes are built, the costs increase; the current average cost of a house in Winter Garden is $439,900 according to Re-Max. Yet the average cost to replace a roof still has many variables. What you need is a qualified roof inspector near you that can perform a full condition roof inspection will help answer many questions. Take Calloway Roof Inspector Peter Naumann who has years of experience with roofing and can determine damages that may otherwise be overlooked on your roof.

Jobsite Locations in Winter Garden FL

  • 14894 Old Thicket Trace
  • 17505 Sunset Terrace
  • 241 N. Main Street
  • 2659 Grove View Dr.


Grove View Dr. Winter Garden, FL 34787 
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small Business Marketing newspaper pieces image
small Business Marketing newspaper pieces image

Construction and Roofing Services for Winter Garden FL include:

  • Residential Roof Replacement
  • Local Roof Repair Service
  • Metal Roofing Construction
  • Storm and Roof Inspections
  • Residential Tile Roofing
  • Retail Commercial Roofing
  • Re Roof and Restoration Estimates
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Roofing Contractor Screening Form

Calloway Roofing LLC believes that every contractor should be given the benefit of a doubt in their ability to provide outstanding service.  However, as Ronald Reagan would say, “Trust but Verify.”  Therefore, we provide all homeowners with a free copy of our Contractor Screening Form which you can use to gauge and quality a Contractor.

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Calloway Roofing LLC Serving Winter Garden FL

Calloway Roofing LLC was founded by  Drew Calloway and the company makes it a written disclosure that every roof replacement will be a fully registered and line-itemized roof installation.

Please call our office 24/7 to schedule first a full storm and roof inspection, designed to mark, note and record all the damage to the property.  Then, one of our 5-months trained roof inspection specialists will sit down with you and go over the entire process and illustrate to you the written acknowledgement as discussed here for your review and satisfaction.

Thank you for visiting our website where you can also schedule a roof inspection directly with one of our inspectors now.

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