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Casselberry FL

The “Recreational City” 

Casselberry is a ever expanding city. Originally populated by Native Americans in the 1800s, then incorporated as a town in 1940, then officially a city in 1965; it has its own touch of history. 27,087+/- people call Casselberry their home and enjoy the nature and multiple food varieties daily.

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Enjoying Casselberry FL 32708 + 32792

Casselberry has many activities and events to chose from, all ranging from Ballet for the youth, Bingo, Coin Clubs, Tai Chi, Zumba, and more. It is all very family friendly and are all inexpensive if not free! There are also many facility rentals vendor opportunities. If you’re not looking for activities in Casselberry, consider hosting your next event in one of their facilities!

Casselberry Residential Information

Casselberry FL as noted has dozens of parks and lakes as well as a variety of schools, both private and public. The cost of living in this well populated and suburban is below the national average. Casselberry is currently in the best time period to buy houses in as Home Appreciation has risen. The current median home price for a home is $219,800.

Home to Lake Howell Casselberry FL

Casselberry FL is a bustling city located beside Altamonte Springs and approximately 10 miles from Orlando, FL. It is currently home to many parks and lakes that are frequented by many Central Florida residents, the most popular ones include Red Bug Lake Park, Lake Howell, Lake Concord Park, and Veterans Memorial Park.

Compared to the original population of 407 when Casselberry was first incorporated a tax free town, it has expanded to a population of 27,087 since the 2010 census. Casselberry has a lot of vendor opportunities, activities, aquatics, and more! With over 70+/- activities up now on the cities website, Casselberry doesn’t fail in having things to do and places to see.

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Roofing Contractor Casselberry FL Near Me

Casselberry contractors and construction services may be available by a few contractors with offices right in the city, such as:

  • All Pro Roofing
  • Sunrise Roofing Services Inc.
  • Heritage Construction & Roofing, Inc.
  • Clean Spray Corporation


Casselberry FL Roof Inspectors Near Me

The average cost to replace a roof has many variables.  And a qualified roof inspector near you that can perform a full condition roof inspection will help answer many questions. Calloway Roof Inspector Andrew Rivera is a perfect example of an Account Manager who is ready and able to inspect and examine the damages on your roof!

Jobsite Locations in Casselberry FL

  • Bates Court, Casselberry FL


Drone Roof Installation Near Me:

small Business Marketing newspaper pieces image
small Business Marketing newspaper pieces image

Construction and Roofing Services for Casselberry FL include:

  • Residential Roof Replacement
  • Local Roof Repair Service
  • Metal Roofing Construction
  • Storm and Roof Inspections
  • Residential Tile Roofing
  • Retail Commercial Roofing
  • Re Roof and Restoration Estimates
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Roofing Contractor Screening Form

Calloway Roofing LLC believes that every contractor should be given the benefit of a doubt in their ability to provide outstanding service.  However, as Ronald Reagan would say, “Trust but Verify.”  Therefore, we provide all homeowners with a free copy of our Contractor Screening Form which you can use to gauge and quality a Contractor.

24 Questions to ask a contractor screening form image
Calloway Roofing LLC Serving Casselberry Florida

Calloway Roofing LLC was founded by  Drew Calloway and the company makes it a written disclosure that every roof replacement will be a fully registered and line-itemized roof installation.

Please call our office 24/7 to schedule first a full storm and roof inspection, designed to mark, note and record all the damage to the property.  Then, one of our 5-months trained roof inspection specialists will sit down with you and go over the entire process and illustrate to you the written acknowledgement as discussed here for your review and satisfaction.

Thank you for visiting our website where you can also schedule a roof inspection directly with one of our inspectors now.

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