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"Indoor Foliage Capital of the World"

Apopka FL

Originally named “Ahapopka,” the small town feel—but still urban suburban city of Apopka FL boasts some great history and has a population close to reaching 50,000.  And as the Museum of the Apopkans shares the rich history of the city, a visit to the Apopka Historical Society completes the journey.


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Apopka FL Community

The public schools like Apopka Elementary School in the district enjoy some of the best ratings in the State; and the suburban city has a its fair share of parks and recreational activities including Rock Springs Ridge and Lake Apopka—not to mention the Wekiva Springs State Park with its 7,000 acres of natural beauty.

Apopka FL Living Information

“One of the things that impresses me the most about Apopka is its small town charm.  We see many beautiful homes in Apopka with lake views and golf courses.” reviews of Apopka FL  

The second largest city in Orange County, its citizenry cherishes its history and journey as it went from a citrus and indoor foliage center to the thriving suburb city it is today.



Small Town Feel  Apopka FL

Incorporated in 1882, Apopka FL boasts its progressiveness in a small town feel kind of way.  Its residents have maintained a connection with Apopka’s history (known originally as the “potato eating place”), thus making the town’s history the pinnacle of its namesake and turning Apopka FL into much more than just a place to live in.

Take a drive and see the tree lined streets and see what sixteen year old Lizaira Cains then stated, saying,

“…when I’m older and I move my own home that’s where I want to move to.”

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Roofing Contractor Apopka FL Near Me

Apopka contractors and construction services may be available by a few contractors with offices right in the city, such as:

  • Cirilos Remodeling Inc.
  • Alan’s Roofing Inc.
  • Best Price Roofing Inc.
  • Capital Construction & Development
  • Russell Brothers LLC
  • Dager Roofing Inc.
  • Castle Roofing Group, LLC


Apopka FL Roof Inspectors Near Me

While the average Median Listing Price for a home in Apopka FL is around $324,500 according to Remax Downtown; the average cost to replace a roof in the area has many variables.  And a qualified roof inspector near you that can perform a full condition roof inspection will help answer many questions.  For example, Calloway Roof Inspector Troy Jacks has inspected many roofs in the city and can therefore provide extensive insights.


Jobsite Locations in Apopka FL

  • 307 Pleasant Gardens Dr
  • 530 Dominish Estates Dr
  • 3321 Walton Road

Drone Roof Installation Near Me:

1342 Lake Asher Circle

Before and After


We were able to make these intense roof damages disappear and bring a new found sense of security to the homeowners after the roof repair.

Certified Apopka FL Roofing Contractor Service Near Me 9

Construction and Roofing Services for Apopka FL include:

  • Residential Roof Replacement
  • Local Roof Repair Service
  • Metal Roofing Construction
  • Storm and Roof Inspections
  • Residential Tile Roofing
  • Retail Commercial Roofing
  • Re Roof and Restoration Estimates
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Roofing Contractor Screening Form

Calloway Roofing LLC believes that every contractor should be given the benefit of a doubt in their ability to provide outstanding service.  However, as Ronald Reagan would say, “Trust but Verify.” 

Therefore, we provide all homeowners with a free copy of our Contractor Screening Form which you can use to gauge and quality a Contractor.

Contractor Screening form image
Calloway Roofing LLC Serving Apopka FL

Calloway Roofing LLC was founded by  Drew Calloway and the company makes it a written disclosure that every roof replacement will be a fully registered and line-itemized roof installation.

Please call our office 24/7 to schedule first a full storm and roof inspection, designed to mark, note and record all the damage to the property.  Then, one of our 5-months trained roof inspection specialists will sit down with you and go over the entire process and illustrate to you the written acknowledgement as discussed here for your review and satisfaction.

Thank you for visiting our website where you can also schedule a roof inspection directly with one of our inspectors now.

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