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Roof Replacement Facts and Costs for 2020

Roof replacement costs in Florida account for only a slice of the $10.4 Billion projected cost in 2020 for roofing materials—not including labor.  And the biggest question on everyone’s mind is who is ultimately responsible for the bulk of the cost, especially when a homeowner in Florida has a Replacement Cost policy on their home and property.

As Storms Get Stronger, Are Florida Building Codes Getting Weaker?

Florida enjoyed over 10 years without a hurricane making landfall; however, all that changed with Hurricane Matthew.  And with that storm the cost to replace a roof surged as the supply of roofing materials and labor was distributed throughout the affected coast line.  Then, Matthew was followed by:

  • Hurricane Irma September 10 2017
  • Hurricane Michael October 10 2018

And 2019 had Florida active once again as  Hurricane Dorian lingered out at sea; once again raising the question that: as storms are get stronger; are Florida Building Codes getting weaker?

This question became a talking point when Governor Rick Scott signed House Bill HB1021 into law in 2017, which changed the way the state’s building code is updated—“which requires the Florida Building Code Commission to review and determine which parts of the international and national codes to adopt, instead of automatically adopting the national codes.”  Putting a doubt as to the reliability of the Florida Building Code’s structure, or as quoted:


“There’s no longer the automatic assumption that codes are good,” Julie Rochman, head of the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety institute (IBHS), said in an interview (2018). “We just have an incredible capacity for amnesia and denial in this country.”


This becomes important in the conversation about how much does it cost to have a roof reshingled because the cost is based on the requirements as mandated by the Florida Building Code.

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3 Powerful Roof Replacement Cost Facts for 2020 1

So What Is The Average Cost to Tear Off and Replace Roofs In Florida?

The average cost to replace a roof is an important question that should be top of mind as every piece of information helps bridge the gap in understanding how it is determined and who is ultimately responsible.

If we create a layered roof replacement cost estimator break-down:

1. A roof replacement can be estimated using bulk figures.  For example, if a contractor is looking at a 30 squares roof and assigns an average cost per square of say $400, then he or she can generate a bulk estimate within minutes of say $12,000.00.

2. A roof replacement can also be line-itemized using the building code.  For example, if a contractor is looking at the same 30 squares roof and assigns a materials and labor cost to every line item the roof requires according to the Florida Building Code, then a line-itemized quote can be generated within a couple of days as the Contractor has to go back and verify what line items apply to that specific property type and more importantly, its proximity, as further-specific items may apply if say the property is near a saltwater source.

c. A roof replacement cost can also be determined using the stages of construction method; especially and specifically if it involves an insurance claim.  For example, if a homeowner has had the roof properly inspected and the roof requires a replacement; the homeowner can then hire a Contractor on a contingency contract whereby the homeowner selects the contractor to replace the roof. 

However, the homeowner and contractor work together to fully document the damage to the property from the initial inspection to then further present the complete roof-related line items to the insurance company.  Consequently, as construction commences, the Contractor further documents any additional corrections necessary in the course of replacement (according to the Building Code) at the time the roof is “opened.” 

Meaning, if the Contractor finds that the trusses for example, were rattled lose from wind forces, or, that  mold has accummulated in certain areas of the roof decking; all those additional and related line items become a part of the total cost of replacement and are presented to the insurance company for payment.

The Cost of Roof Replacement: Who Pays, How Much, and Why


So the Three (3) Key Factors in Roof Replacement and Who Pays The Costs are as broken down as follows:

First, the “average” cost to reshingle a roof or, said differently, the “average” cost to tear off and replace a roof is a highly misleading benchmark to follow because the costs are not based on an “average,” but instead, on the more specific line items that make up the roof—as specified and required by the Florida Building Code.

Second, the process can take three possible paths, with “bulk” style pricing and estimating being the most inaccurate as line items are missed (or left out) and stemming from a lack of information, or as Leon at says,

“Here is how the process works. After the storm or another natural disaster, a homeowner sits on his porch and there is a line of roofers outside the door looking to get his business. He gets a few quotes, and tentatively chooses a company to do the repair. Then, the contractor meets with the insurance adjuster to go over the scope of work that will be covered. The problem is that items in Xactimate are priced well below market levels.

Since the adjuster refused to pay for many important items, the contractor either did not do them outright (excluded these items from the contract beforehand, as he already knows the adjuster will likely not cover them), or he secretly did not do these, but said that he did (liar liar).

So the homeowner gets really crappy, cheap shingles that only look ok. She does not know that there is no underlayment, or that ventilation is poor, or that flashing is not done correctly, or that the roof is not nailed properly, etc, etc.

In the end, this all comes back to Xactimate pricing – the most clever invention of the insurance industry (the home related sector at least). The key is to hire a contractor who understands how the insurance claim process works. This way he can put in proper supplements (additional items) into the claim, so that it gets approved.”

Third, the most accurate way to arrive at the true cost to replace the roof is to combine a contingency contract with the stages of construction method, allowing for the proper payment by insurance to truly bring the property to its pre-loss condition—inclusive of all Building Code line items and enhancements such as hurricane renail (the Code required placing of nails at every 6 inches off-center on the roof deck, among other things).”

As such, and in consideration of the total line items; how much does a roof replacement cost is:

a. the sum of the total damaged roof and property line items to replace according to the Florida Building Code,

b. the affirmation of Law and Ordinance coverage in the policy to pay for all the additional line items, and

c. the percentage or policy-set amount a homeowner has to pay as their deductible obligation.

These 3 Factors can make all the difference as a homeowner learns that the cost focus should not be on the price of the roof, but on the total number of line items related to the total damage to then restore the property (including the roof) to its pre-loss condition. And for this, attorney Mark Nation says,

“When a home is damaged or destroyed, it is often necessary to ‘bring it up to code’… However, the Florida Legislature has enacted a statute which requires insurance companies to offer additional coverage to homeowners to compensate for these code upgrades.”

Accordingly, this is why a homeowner needs to work with a roofing contractor to properly document the damage and identify the total line items.  Short of that, a homeowner may be under paid by insurance and left short of a line-itemized  registered roof installation.

Request a Roof Replacement Consulation and Free Roof Inspection

Line-Itemized Roof Replacement and Registered Roof Materials Warranty

Calloway Roofing LLC is owned by Drew Calloway and the company makes it a written policy that every roof replacement will be a fully line-itemized registered roof installation.  Homeowners that work with Calloway Roofing receive written assurance that their roof and property should be line-itemized and restored to its pre-loss condition in conformance with the Florida Building Code, and that a verifiable registered materials warranty code will be generated at the end of the project—further validating the line items of construction—as roof materials registration is usually impossible when line items and materials have been swapped out or omitted.

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Calloway Roofing LLC – Orlando and Central Florida

Please call our answering service 24/7 to schedule a full storm and roof inspection, designed to mark, note and record all the damage to the property.  Then, one of our 5-months trained roof inspection specialists will sit down with you and go over the entire process and present the written acknowledgements as discussed here for your review and satisfaction.

Thank you for visiting our website where you can also schedule a roof inspection directly with one of our inspectors now.

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