Recommended Customers

Calloway Roofing LLC provides complete re-roof and storm restoration services.  In this journey, we meet wonderful homeowners along the way.  As such, we have come to know many of our homeowners as qualified professionals that share as Drew Calloway says, “our mindset, our morals, and our drive.”  The following list of recommended customers can help you in your other efforts:

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Laura Forty-Garcia – Investment real estate expert Laura is a person that truly matches her service mark of: “Laura Forty-Garcia…Everywhere!” Laura has experience in all aspects of auditing and financial management when it comes to real estate; especially on Short sales and REOs!  Property flippers, give her a call with all your questions.  She knows her stuff.

Real Estate Expert

James Squillante – James came to us as first referred by his daughter.  We have assisted him in navigating one property so far and are working on the other. James writes, “As your Financial Advisor, I have experience with the unique challenges, styles and strategies that distinguish wealthy investors.”

Morgan Stanley

Jeremy Nelson – Jeremy and wife Elizabeth are truly a treasure to work with. Jeremy is a humble and straight forward guy with an immense knowledge of electrical systems.  He is extremely dependable and walks away sometimes just giving you an honest answer.  Jeremy knows a lot about handy work at an elevated level.

E & J Enterprises

John Notari – John is a colleague of Mark Nation and we are assisting in the replacement of his hail damaged roof.  John is an expert at auto insurance claims so reach out to him on that.  John understands how insurance companies evaluate claims and uses his experience aggressively in pursuing your goals.

Sigman Notari Law

Daniel Soltren – Residential real estate professional Daniel Soltren now has a 600 month registered roof on his home! Daniel is all personality and has a knack for getting things done!  He is a self practicing realtor but we think he knows even more about really good wines.  His lengthy network of homeowners and professionals makes selling your property easier.

Real Estate Expert

Know any other recommended customers you’d  suggest?

We are always looking to improve our services and make a recommendation or provide a testimonial of service providers or homeowners that warrant their  experience and service.  So please let us know what other persons you feel can become a part of our recommended customers list!