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Maintain My Roof Plan

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Convenience and affordability for immediate peace of mind.

Residential homeowners and gated communities subscribe today to immediately schedule your initial roof plan maintenance inspection.

Fast • Easy • NO CONTACT

  1. Subscribe to the Plan in just a few minutes
  2. Auto-schedule the initial maintenance inspection
  3. Review the provided post-inspection photographs
  4. Discuss everything with your Plan Manager
  5. Maintenance items commence and photographed
  6. Document items of concern both on and off the roof 
  7. We report back to you and continue the service


• Includes wind mitigation service when paid annually and takes advantage of available wind mitigation insurance premium discounts!  A favored part of our program which literally pays for itself.

Logged roof maintenance activity for your HOA or roof warranty maintenance ‘proof of’ requirements—in addition to your mortgage and insurance company’s ‘proof of’ regular up-keep and maintenance requirements.

NO “right-to-repair” provision to use our Company for any additional items in need of repair, estimation, or concern beyond roof plan maintenance.

A neutral second set of eyes and a second opinion on any intended contractor required services where our perspective helps you make a better decision!

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Maintain My Roof Plan - Affordable Convenience at $19.97/Mo. 1


No Contact Telephone and Email Follow Up

Maintain My Roof Plan - Affordable Convenience at $19.97/Mo. 2

Peace of Mind

“Just Take Care of My Roof’s Maintenance.”

Maintain My Roof Plan - Affordable Convenience at $19.97/Mo. 3


Monthly or Annual Subscription – Your Choice

Maintain My Roof Plan - Affordable Convenience at $19.97/Mo. 4

Cancel Anytime

Yes.  You may cancel the roof plan anytime.


Maintain My Roof Plan


Maintain My Roof Plan Questions and Answers

$19.97 a month for Roof Maintenance? What's the catch?

None.  Our roof maintenance program is designed for convenience, affordability and peace of mind.  After all, who has the time to keep an eye on the roof or meet its stringent maintenance requirements?

We do.

What are the charges after the Subscription fee?

Our roof maintenance program is designed to provide you with a full-condition initial inspection and bring you a documented record of its condition and a punch list of items in need of maintenance.  As such, we will step up and help meet the needs of your roof’s maintenance requirements and will report back to you any items of concern that go beyond roof maintenance.

If you find items that need repair beyond the roof maintenance plan, am I required to hire your company?

No.  What we will do is provide you with a punch list of the items of concern beyond maintenance and at your request, will estimate the items to give you our recommendation and opinion as to its cost.  You are then free to shop it with another contractor, or, decide we can handle it for you.  The choice is entirely up to you.

Is Wind Mitigation Really Included in the Annual Roof Plan?

Yes.  When you opt to pay for the Plan annually wind mitigation is included.  You can then send that report and information back to your insurance company for any and all available insurance discounts that may apply.

Can I use this maintenance service to meet my HOA maintenance requirements?

We work with Homeowners Associations throughout Central Florida and likely already have their approval to provide the HOA maintenance documentation they require.  In addition, if you have an HOA that handles maintenance through your HOA fees, we may be able to provide huge discounts against their current rate.

I just cannot climb up on my roof anymore and clean it. Will you handle that?

Our roof maintenance program does include an initial maintenance inspection in which we will document everything we find in the course of the inspection.  And, if we see the gutters filled with debris we will clean out the gutters and make any repair or tighten-up items like re-sealing as and where needed.  

If however, you wish to have your roof cleaned and washed; first, we would report to you, as licensed CCC contractors whether that is even recommended for your roof.  It may be or it may not be; and as a licensed CCC Florida roofing contractor we would know better than a pressure washing company if your roof can handle that.   Then, we will gladly quote you for the roof cleaning service and again, you are free to select us for the task or shop any other contractor of your choice.

I have a very old roof. Does it qualify for the Maintain My Roof Plan?

Yes.  This is about servicing your roof maintenance needs and not about signing up only perfectly new and worry-free roofs.  Roof maintenance is more about knowing and understanding and mitigating and getting ahead of problems so an older roof would stand to benefit from this value.

I have a brand new roof. Do I need your maintenance service?

Yes.  Almost every new roof should have a registered roof materials warranty.  And if so, you need to prove that you are maintaining the roof in accordance with the warranty requirements.  We log the maintenance and can provide that to you at any time at your request.  

Furthermore, HOA and gated communities require proof of maintenance and our program would handle that requirement.

I have a commercial property. Can I have roof maintenance for $19.97 a month?

No.  However, we do have a dedicated commercial team of inspectors to assist you with an on-location commercial inspection (on us) to estimate and determine what the fair cost would be to maintain your commercial property.

Our program is also ideal for apartment complexes, condominium associations, gated communities and more.

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