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3 Critical Hip vs Gable Roof – Pros and Cons​

Constantly bashed by wind or hail or other weather events, your choice of Florida roof type matters.  So here are the 3 critical hip vs gable roof pros and cons that matter most.

1. Aesthetics matter. Hip and gable roofs both provide different visual and design aesthetics.  Depending on your preference you can choose either one in this case because both are structurally resistant. The hip roof has a more pyramid structure when the slopes come together versus the gable roof which only has two sides and exposes the rakes.

2. Structure matters.  A part of being a homeowner is being able to make decisions about your property that others can’t, and this includes items that can prove to be beneficial or destructive.  With Florida being the #1 state bashed by hurricanes, knowing what choices to make to ensure that your property stays safe is essential.  Structurally, a gable roof is more susceptible to damage after a major wind storm because it does not enjoy the benefits of the pyramid or triangle strength that a hip roof provides.  Therefore, a hip roof will provide greater storm resistance.  Winner: Hip Roof.

3. Cost matters. Another part to make a decision in is the cost. As your aesthetic and structural needs are met, choosing to invest in one or both is essential. While for Florida weather a Hip roof seems more beneficial, the expected amount to pay can be anywhere $8 to $12 per square foot. That could sum up to anywhere in-between $20,000 to $50,000. Meanwhile on a Gable roof, the amount could total up to $9,000 – $18,000 or $6-$12 a square foot. Cost wise, Gable wins this round.

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The 3 Hip vs Gable Roof Pros and Cons – Explained

Actually comparing the facts of the matter (Costs and Structure) helps determine the similarities and the differences between both Hip and Gable roofs and assist in making the final decision. Each have their pros and cons, but you must be able to be willing to accept certain flaws and sacrifices in order to keep your home safe. 

Hip Roofs – Pros&Cons


  • Uses a complex build of rafters and trusses in order to create a simple looking roof and equal walls that are all the same height. This adds to a equal and balanced aesthetic.
  • The simple design makes it easy to install gutters and fascia.  Also allows the roof to be sturdy against wind storms. 
  • Strong against high winds and storms
  • Excellent in snowy areas
  • Due to its slope, water rolls off easily which does not allow for water to accumulate 
  • Can be used with any kind of materials (shingles, tiles, metal, etc.)


  • The complexity makes the roof expensive ($20,000 to $50,000)
  • When adding additions or even dormers added into the design of the hip roof, it could be susceptible to potential water leaks if its not properly installed or it doesn’t have proper flashing

Gable Roofs- Pros&Cons


  • Provides more space for attic
  • If vaulted ceilings are preferred there is more space for those instead of the attic
  • Simple designs allow the roof to be much cheaper and easier to build
  • Rain rolls right off, avoiding water accumulation
  • Good for snowy areas


  • Not suitable for high wind/hurricane prone areas as it is more prone to collapse due to the strong winds. Strong winds can also cause material peeling and a large overhang can cause the roof to be ripped off the walls
  • If the roof contains hips, valleys, etc., it has limited options for roofing materials as other materials are prone to leaks. Even then it should be properly sealed.
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The roof is a major design element … let’s not forget its purpose.

Laura Firstz with Networx.com says, “The roof is a major design element of your house. But let’s not forget its primary purpose.”  And this is so true and important because the purpose should drive the biggest divide between pros and cons of a hip or gable roof.

Hip vs Gable Winner?

After reviewing the pros and cons, we can begin to determine which type to chose for your home.  In all honesty, with a bit of investment, the Hip Roof is the most reasonable for a hurricane state like Florida. Despite the complexity of its build, it has a simple look and is bound to hold up much better then a Gable Roof during an intense hurricane. If you can not afford a Hip roof and do decide to get a Gable roof since it isn’t “all that bad”, make sure it has reinforcement and not big of a overhang to avoid wind pressure tearing it all off.

In the end, Hip Roof wins.

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