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Hailstorm Roof Inspection in Lake Mary FL – Is There Any Damage?

Lake Mary Florida experienced up to 2″ hail in many of its subdivisions on Monday 21, 2020.  And the question many homeowners and HOAs have on their mind is, “Did the storm actually cause any damage?”

It is the most important question and a hailstorm roof inspection will reveal if there is or isn’t anything to worry about.  And for this, Drew Calloway of Calloway Roofing LLC dispatched one of his forensic inspectors to a home in Lake Mary’s Springhurst Park subdivision.  It was then decided to document the roof inspection for Lake Mary residents to help answer the question and to assist homeowners with proof and documentation and evidence for their records either way.

Most importantly: if there is damage what is the size of the hail ON IMPACT and what areas have the most damage concerns.

Hailstorm Roof Inspection

What is Involved In a Hailstorm Roof Inspection and Where Exactly Is The Damage?

First, the hail roof inspection must occur on a dry roof surface.  If the roof is wet, the pock markings from the hail will blend in and not be visible.  But damage to the roof is not just to the shingles.  Hail ice that forms from the updrafts in a storm comes crashing down on other roof accessories like goose necks (pipejacks), ridge vents, skylights, gutters and more.

Hailstorm Roof Inspection Uncovers Hail Damage in Lake Mary FL 1

Additionally, the storm damage is not limited to the roof.  Other items around the property get pelted also including:

Garage Doors • Window Screens • HVAC Condensers • Pool Heater Units • Solar Panels • Satellite Antennas

One of the issues with hail damage on roofs is that it can reduce the life of a roof, while also not leaving a clear and evident mark.  It takes large golf sized balls of hail to leave a mark on some roofs.  Therefore, trained CCC licensed roof inspectors may detect when the integrity of a shingle is compromised by hail. 

The level of evidence of hail damage can extend to other items not thought about initially such as:

  • Fences (pock markings on fence sections)
  • Patio Furniture (holes in umbrellas)
  • Landscaping (holes in plants)
  • Automobiles
  • Flags
  • And more

Is It Possible To See the Hailstorm Damage From The Ground?

Curiously enough most homeowners will first assess if they have any damage from what they see on the news.  

The news stations will broadcast images and video of the most impacted location or home and report on the severity of the storm from that perspective.  Unfortunately, most viewers see the damage in the news; then compare what they “see” outside of their home and conclude that if the damage was not as seen in the news, then they were spared.

However, the number one victim of storm damage is usually not the homeowners in the core of the hail swath, but the homeowners outside the core.  Its an interesting phenomenon where the outlying homes have damage also, but for the news stories; they then appear to be “OK.”  And images like this begin to emerge when after a few days or weeks or months of the hail damage causing water infiltration; homeowners learn then that they indeed have damage.

screenshot of florida storm news coverage
screenshot of florida storm news coverage

What Is The Conclusion Of The Hail Inspection at The Springhurst Park Home?

No hail roof inspection should be agreed to where the homeowner is not provided with a copy of the inspection photographs.  That is because a properly documented hailstorm inspection; if genuinely impacting the property, should have over 100 photographs or more.

Lake Mary’s hailstorm on Monday is one for the record books, so having proof of the storm will help with all of the following:

  1. A record of the damage “date stamp” of the roof and what it looked like immediately after the storm
  2. Assurance for the homeowners so their insurance doesn’t say they were negligent by not having it inspected
  3. Complete accounting of the damage to the roof inclusive of interiors damage and exteriors damage too
Does Hailstorm Damage Mean I Have a Viable Claim?

The fact that the roof is marked, noted and recorded of all damage including all collateral items gives the homeowner everything they need to then file a claim with their insurance.  And insurance carriers like Security First encourage homeowners to file a claim accordingly.

As such, and in the case of the Springhurst Park hailstorm inspection, the video from Calloway Roofing LLC shows that the roof indeed has sustained hail damage.  This information is important as all the surrounding homes need to have their roof and property inspected for hail and to have it properly documented.

Hailstorm Roof Inspection Uncovers Hail Damage in Lake Mary FL 7
Hailstorm Roof Inspection Uncovers Hail Damage in Lake Mary FL 8

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