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Customer Reviews and Testimonials!

Nobody, not one contractor ever gets everything right.  However, we use our customer reviews and your feedback to learn from our customers.  By the end of the 3rd Meeting we are asking you, “How can we get better?”, and even UPDATE you on where we’ve made changes to our process!


Getting it right means:

1. Do not inconvenience the customer if and whenever possible.

2. Keep them in the loop at all times.

3. Do that which you said you would do.

Honor, after all, means doing, “that which you said you would do.”  And that is why we have our process and departments in place.

From the feedback we adjust and from the compliments and testimonials we receive we see things going in the right direction.


AZBigMedia Says Get Recommendations

Michael Gossie with AZBigMedia says, “The First step in picking an experienced roofer is to ask friends and family for recommendations.”  And that true in that Word of Mouth is and always will be the most reliable form of advertising.  We have dozens of 3rd Meetings with our customers where the referrals and word-of-mouth recommendations are given with a smile.

So we thank you for your customer reviews and for all for your kind words!  We sincerely appreciate you and the feedback you provide which helps makes us an even better company each and every day.

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Claudette Bodnar backs up her video testimonial in her complimentary text message to our guys in the field.  Thank you Claudette for the acknowledgement of our commitment to use feedback to continuously improve our company.

Always Looking for Feedback and Customer Reviews to Improve!

If you would like to give us your feedback, positive or negative, please dial (407) 792-5187 and ask to speak to the owner!  We take service and process issues seriously and want you to be completely satisfied. Thank you!

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