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Roof Maintenance Battles as 3 Tornadoes Hit Central Florida During Surging Coronavirus Covid-19 Concerns

While adhering to stay at home orders, our Central Florida residents were shaken up a bit on Monday with the mid-day arrival when 3 tornadoes hit Central Florida.

At approximately 11:40am the tornado watches changed to tornado warnings as tornadoes were spotted on the ground with one of them touching down in Sanford, Florida near Lake Jessup and the Sanford Airport.  It crossed the I-417 Tollway just as two others were sighted in other cities at the same time.

Tornadoes Hit Central Florida with Powerful Winds

These storms brought wind capable of causing wind damage as the damage we found here in Sanford.  And while it is critically important that residents stay clear of the coronavirus and Covid-19 disease with stay-at-home orders; the roofs will require inspections to ensure they are intact and holding up.  That is because leaving things uninspected can bring bigger problems later in the form of increased damage and cost and something that because of cost, an insurance company can later label the lack of an inspection as negligent on the part of the homeowner.

As such, and to quickly offset any negligence that may arise, Calloway Roofing provides TWO ways to mitigate the problem:

1. Homeowners can schedule a free full-condition roof and storm inspection with one of our Calloway’s 5-months trained roof inspectors.  They are trained to document everything from the ground to the roof and all exteriors and interiors because it is never about the roof and always about the storm.

2. Homeowners can subscribe to Calloway’s Maintain My Roof Plan that provides roof maintenance YEAR ROUND at a very low and affordable subscription rate.

Tornadoes Hit Central Florida Just 5 Weeks Before Start of Hurricane Season

As we continue down the road of this year’s rain and hurricane season, the 20th of April 2020 tornadoes just brought back a reminder that we live on a peninsula with always-active weather elements.

The first option is looking for any damage that may have occurred from the 4-20-2020 tornadoes and storm so you have a full accounting of what happened and what damage if any is evident and therefore documented for your records.  You then have up to 3 years to file a claim, but if there is present damage, you can prove that you took steps and have the pictures to show for it.

The second option enables you to maintain a log of maintenance and upkeep on the roof for your HOA and for your insurance carrier and even mortgage company requests for proof of roof maintenance.  The roof maintenance program available by subscription, not only handles the roof maintenance part for you but it also reports back to you and you can always call and request additional inspections during the term of your subscription.


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